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Here's the original image.

 I thought I would try to enter this for the June photo contest titled “Shadows,” but I knew that it needed lots of work. This image is extremely noisy, and I'm not referring to sound. In digital photography, noise refers to visual distortion of tiny colored pixels or specks in the photograph. It can be easily seen in the medium or dark colored parts of the rock. I wasn't happy with the color either, so I spent a long time trying to fix these things. However, I was never able to remove the noise to make it presentable for a contest. I eventually gave up and started looking into other options, so I started looking in the "filter" tab of Photoshop, playing with different options under this tab. I finally found the Oil Paint option. I've always wanted to try this option!

Here's the final image.

I finally found the right texture and colors for this photo. I had fun playing around with the texture. All of the mistakes are changed into a neat looking oil painting! I used to oil paint in college and really miss it, knowing computer art will never come close to the feel of a brush dragging paint over a canvas. Notice how the color and brush strokes of the rocks at the top of the waterfall flow into each other like water.