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A Double Rainbow is a Pot of Gold

The story behind the image take #1

Here is the original image.

Here's the original photo.  Of course, it has annoying telephone poles with wires.  Please also note the pesky dust spots in the sky.  Obviously, you can't cut down telephone poles or take electrical wires off and lay them on the ground.  I think I would be in trouble with the power company for that!  I didn't want to get any closer to the barn because it was on private property.

This is the finished project!

With the magical help of Photoshop I was able to remove the pole, wires, and dust spots.  I was also able to adjust the brightness and contrast for the colors.  Last but not least, I added my copyright and watermarks to the photos.  Unfortunately, I have to do that because those pesky copyright infringers are on the loose!  I have most of my photos registered with the Copyright Department before posting them.  So now I have a finished project that is ready for the gallery.